Sunday, August 21, 2005

WP Plugin suggest version 0.6

This is just a maintenance release, nothing has really changed. I updated the readme file and tested the plug-in in detail. I found a couple of issues, which I am working on.

There are still small problems when using Internet Explorer, with my template they are pretty ugly though. There is also a new issue when using Firefox, which causes a lot of spacing at the bottom of my page. Altogether I am quite surprised that he plug-in works so well with WP 1.5. So I think I can anncounce WordPress 1.5 support from now on.

The latest version, which is 0.6 (I didn't do a 0.5.1, cause I wanna keep it simple), can be found at my download site or at the repository.

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Anonymous said...

is plugin still up to date? will it work with current wp versions? where could I get support for it?