Monday, January 31, 2005


So heute habe ich meine letzte Klausur geschrieben, hoffe ich bin jetzt endlich fertig! Jetzt wird bis März gearbeitet, dann fängt mein Praxissemester an.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Google AdSense

Ich habe mich vor einiger Zeit bei 'Google AdSense' angemeldet, und vor einigen Tagen wurde ich freigeschaltet. Da ich nicht denke mit der Sache viel Geld zu verdienen, habe ich die Werbung mal im unteren Bereich der Seite platziert. Ist werbetechnisch sicherlich nicht geschickt, aber was solls. Wer mir was spenden will, kann ja trotzdem mal draufklicken! :-)

Friday, January 28, 2005

Das Letzte

Da war es nur noch eine, eine Klausur! Am Montag schreibe ich meine (hoffentlich) letzte Klausur für dieses Studium! Das soll aber nicht heisse, dass ich irgendwie enttäuscht bin ,oder es vermissen Gegenteil!

Ich hoffe ich kann am Montag mit "Business Intelligence" die Sache wasserdicht machen!

Thursday, January 27, 2005


If you've ever wanted a peek inside an idiot's brain, take a gander at these love notes written by Paris Hilton herself. On her fourth anniversary with Nick Carter she wrote this little gem: "I know you probably wonder from time to time what you mean to me ... you mean the world to me. Think of something you couldn't live without and multiply it by a hundred." Wow, by a hundred? That's, like, a lot.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Brief introduction to JDO

This article covers a brief overview of object persistence with JDO. With a short example, using sun's reference implementation, the article shows how to use Java Data Objects in a web application environment.

rating comment: not enough background info, but a good practical approach to give an introduction.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

2 noch

Heute war die Klausur "Advanced Networking" fällig, ist nicht so prickelnd wird sehen! Am Freitag ist "IT-Sicherheit" dran...

Auf der Suche nach dem Gral

Der 19-jährige Blake Ross gilt als eine der treibenden Kräfte hinter der Entwicklung des Alternativ-Browsers Firefox. Er steht für eine neue Generation von IT-Cracks: Statt an der Börse Geld zu machen, tobt er sich kreativ aus: "Ich will einfach nur einen guten Browser machen."

Monday, January 24, 2005

Today I added my WordPress plug-in 'suggest' to You can download the latest version there. It also offers a bugtracker, which you can use to let me know about bugs and feature requests.

The main page for 'suggest' is my blog. You can get the latest updates and news about the plug-in here. I will keep on providing a "build" version of 'suggest' through my download site and blog torrent.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

License question

I'd like to release my WordPress plug-in 'suggest' on Therefore I need to release the plug-in under a license, which I have avoided so far. Since I'm using code of google, which I modified, I'm not too sure if I can release the plug-in under any license!

I'm planning to release my code unter GPL, and put a "Copyright Google Inc" at the top of the modfied javascript code. I'm not too sure if that's okay, since Google's code is a part of my plug-in.

Can anybody help me out with that?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

suggest performance issue

Thanks to John, I found out today, that my WordPress plug-in 'suggest', performs very slow with large databases. At least I think it's because of the very generic sql query I use. To read the post contents off the database I use this query: select distinct post_content as val from wp_content where post_content like '%ja%' order by val. Okay, I admit the order by is not necessary, I'm gonna eliminate it with the next version.

But what can I do to tweak the performance? I don't think there are a lot of possibilities. I thought of a configuration option, for blogs with a lot of content, to search only the title of the posts. It's an option, but not a great solution!

After I retrieved the content of the posts, matching the like statement , I run two foreach loops and execute a preg_match and a preg_match_all in almost every step. I think I could handle the parsing of the content with one preg_match, but I definitely need the two loops! Mhh...I'm not too sure if there is something to tweak!

At the end of the code I execute another database query to get the number of the posts, of the parsed post content (the suggestions): select distinct count(*) as cnt from $tableposts where post_content like '%java%'. I could provide an option to disable the result search, together with the already exisiting option "don't display results". The cost of one database query and one loop should reduce the execution time.

Maybe someone could help me doing a code review and find possible tweaks to improve performance with large databases.

Friday, January 21, 2005

voip me!

Ich habe seit einer geraumen Zeit einen Account bei, habe ihn aber nie genutzt. Seit einigen Tagen bietet nun sipgate auch Nummern aus dem Ortsvorwahl-Bereich Karlsruhe (0721) an. Natürlich habe ich mir sofort eine Nummer registriert und bin nun ständig über voip zu erreichen.

J2SE 5.0 annotations

This article shows how to use the J2SE 5.0 annotations in your framework. It gives you an idea how to enable configuration by metadata for your framework. One possible scenario, which is described in this article, is to use metadata to validate input to your application.

rating comment: very interesting approach using annotations instead of xml configuration!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

CMT with Hibernate

This articel shows how to use Hibernate with container-managed transactions. It uses a small example to give you an overview of how to configure Hibernate, so that it works in an application server environment.

rating comment: Since I haven't tested it myself, I can't really rate the substance of the article. But I do know that I like the pragmatic approach!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Eclipse code metrics plug-in

"Metrics" is an open source Eclipse plug-in. It provides measurement and graphing of various metrics. In general, metrics are used to improve the quality of your software architecture, by providing you with measured values of your code design.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

WP Plugin 'suggest' version 0.4

My plugin for WordPress, called 'suggest', moves to version 0.4.

This release solves compatibility problems with WordPress 1.5, thanks to RustIndy for supporting me on this one.

Furthermore there are problems displaying the results with Internet Explorer 6.x, which I won't be able to fix. It seems as IE has a problem displaying the results when the DOCTYPE of the page was set. Since you shouldn't remove the DOCTYPE, I added the possibilty to enable or disable displaying the amount of results with IE. If someone knows why IE behaves like this, help me out!

Thanks for all the support and feedback so far!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Büffeln, büffeln und nochmal büffeln

Büffeln, büffeln und nochmal büffeln das war meine Beschäftigung heute! Die 'advanced networking' Klausur steht vor der Tür, naja erst in ner Woche, aber wenn man sonst das ganze Semester nichts gemacht hat... :-)

Friday, January 14, 2005

Mock objects explained

This articles gives you a short introduction on how to use Mock objects with unit tests. As an example tool, this articles uses Mocquer, which is similar to easymock. The difference between Mocquer and easymock is that Mocquer can create Mock objects of classes, whereas easymock can only work with interfaces.

rating comment: Good explanation of the Mocquer, not enough about using Mock objects with JUnit

Thursday, January 13, 2005

'Suggest' plug-in and Mac OS X

Today I found out, that my Wordpress plug-in 'suggest' works fine with Mac OS x 10.3.7 and Safari 1.2.5. Thanks to Malte Dietrich!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Eclipse Plug-in for code review

Jupiter is a neat Eclipse plug-in for code review. It is free and distributed under the GPL. You can easily organize and implement team-based code reviews, with Eclipse IDE.

Code reviews can improve productivity, by early detection of errors. It also ensures the quality of your code, which can increase maintainability.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Neue Skype-Version für Windows

Mit einigen Verbesserungen und zahlreichen Fehlerbereinigungen steht ab sofort die Version 1.1 der Internettelefonie-Software Skype für die Windows-Plattform kostenlos zum Download bereit. Die neue Version erhielt unter anderem einen Text-Chat, der nun bis zu 50 Teilnehmer unterstützt.

Monday, January 10, 2005

WP Plugin 'suggest' version 0.3

Today I release version 0.3 of my "suggest" plugin for Wordpress 1.2.

New features:
  • improved suggestions
  • added configuration of style
  • added configuration of number of suggestions presented

Bug fixes:
  • problems with upper and lower case characters
I still need help with a Mac OS X version. I'd also appreciate help on a version for WP 1.3 / 1.5. Thank you for all your feedback and help. Please report bugs or feature requests in the comments of this blog.

Sunday, January 9, 2005

Und das soll Winter sein?


WP Plugin 'suggest' for MT

Arvind has ported my 'suggest' plugin for Wordpress to Movable Type.


Most of the time the software unit you develop depends on other units, which are still under development or planning. To be able to test your unit probably, you need the collaborating parts of the application or you can use mock objects. Easymock provides mock objects, which enables you to test your unit in isolation. All you need are interfaces of the units your software depends on.

I made a small example testing a simple application with easymock and JUnit. It’s available through blogtorrent and my download site.

Saturday, January 8, 2005

Stub - Simulated Server

This article describes how to isolate client development, so that server problems and maintenance do not effect the client. It shows, that using a simulated server, called stub, can seperate client and server development.

rating comment: The article gives a good idea of how to ease client / server development. 3 points for comparing different approaches.

New Version Of Suggest

Today I release version 0.2 of my wordpress plugin "suggest". I improved the suggestions, by changing the database query and adding regular expressions. So far this is the only new feature/improvement I've added, but there is more to come.

If you want to update your plugin, just replace the file suggest_data.php. For further information, check out the readme.txt.