Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Introduction to JDO

The Java Data Objects (JDO) specification, Java Specification Request (JSR) 12, defines an API for a standard way to transparently persist plain Java technology object and database access. Using JDO, Java application developers can write code to access the underlying data store without using any database-specific code. This article provides a tutorial on JDO. It covers the essentials of JDO and offers sample code to give a flavor of the effort involved in using JDO to persist your Java technology objects.

rating comment: Very good introduction to JDO, which grasps almost every aspect of the technology. Although it only scratches the surface, I like this article a lot, cause it gives a good overview. A couple of month ago I played around with the JPOX JDO implementation, but I couldn't get it to work smoothly, which somehow left a bad impression on me. Well, I might give it another shot, though I personally think the new EJB 3.0 persistence specification could be also worth looking at.

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